Hollow Eyes 

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Layout, Production, Photography, & Web Design.









Winter 2018 Audio Program

Dual cassette release Veldt (Detroit) & Piotr Cisak (Poland)

variant jcard prints on gel paper

“120 minutes of dark selections from IN TRAINING / AUTONOMEN resident and cofounder Mx. Silkman. Mx. Silkman tailors her sets to recreate the daily feelings of anxiety and alienation that is the price of existence in the world, and a longing for autonomy and liberation from the institutional cages that hold us captive. This mix, recorded using records from her own collection specifically for Hollow Eyes Imprint, is an assembly of tracks that showcases her signature blend of shuddering pavement-saw industrial, deep-vacuum techno and grey yawning expanses of subterranean dub. Out of respect for the artists whose tracks helped her build this mix through their music, all profits from the sale of this curated mixtape will be donated to The International Antifascist Defense Fund.”

Spring 2017 Audio Program


7 Cassette Release from artists Vito Lucente (Toronto), Blanca (UK), Nikta (Russia), Moltar (Cleveland), Machine Listener (Cleveland), & Halfadder (Canton).

Sourced, scanned, & manipulated elements for designs.

Winter 2017 Audio Program

Dual cassette release.

Various releases from Sergio A. Ybarra (PHX)


Sonorous - Inside A Dark Place

35mm Photography for cover image & cardstock wraparound print.

Unikove Label Launch Releases